Resume Trends 2017

Are you on the lookout for the most recent resume trends 2017? Applicants for the coming year must be able to equip themselves with the right information so that they can increase their job chances. If you are in the same boat looking to align your application with the most recent changes in the resume writing industry, check out some tips we’ve prepared for you.

Latest Resume Trends 2017

resume trends 2017

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  1. An effective resume includes a social media profile URL, like that of LinkedIn. This will help the employer check your background and your profile for further determination.
  2. More so, the best resume should also include a link to a personal blog to highlight someone’s portfolio and experience in the industry. You can create a free blog at WordPress or Weebly for a start.
  3. As you can see in resume example 2017, there are also many styles, which are becoming popular today. Some of them include infographic, video, social media and other styles and forms. Nevertheless, you should pick one based on your experience and qualifications. You can also pick one depending on your industry. For someone in the graphics field, one can make use of an infographic or a video resume. But if you are the conservative type, you can use a traditional resume, including a chronological, functional or hybrid format.
  4. Use resume keywords for best resumes 2017. These are word indicators about your expertise. Some examples include management, writing, editing, accounting and so on. You can also use verbs, including handled, managed, wrote, presented and so on. Choose based on your industry and highlight your skills to the employer.

2017 Resume Trends

The latest resume trends contain only the most important updates to remember when writing your application. Remember, there are more of them to apply, such as using only one font style in the CV, using bold, italic or underline when needed and many others. One thing remains constant for every resume for 2017 though, make sure you proofread and edit your paper to ensure it contains no grammar and spelling mistakes. Follow these tips and increase your chances to bagging your dream job now!