Resume Formats 2017

Resume writing 2017 has become more competitive than before when the only formats used were chronological, functional and combined resumes. Today, there is more to just those, as news styles including video resumes, infographic resume and social media resumes are introduced. No matter, there are still the basics that remain when it comes to coming up with a professional resume that catches the eyes of the employer. Read this guide and choose the latest resume format 2017.

2017 Resumes: What Basics Remain?

resume formats 2017

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  • Personal and contact information: This latest resume section contains your name, mailing address, phone number and email address; you can type face your name with bold formatting and use a larger font size for it for easier recall.
  • Employment history should only highlight the most recent and related work experience and should not contain every single job you have had that have nothing to do with a specific application.
  • Education section contains the part of your educational history, including schools attended, degree earned, year completed and school address.
  • Trainings, seminars, workshops attended can also be included if you don’t have much work history to show.
  • If you are a licensed professional, such as in engineering or nursing, write it in your latest resume application for further credibility, including your license number, licensing body or state and expiration date.
  • You can also include your affiliations and organizations joined, including offices you held in your 2017 resume format to use.
  • In the accomplishments’ section, include awards or honors received. Also, quantify every claim for expertise you noted, including an achievement in a specific position, such as “Improved sales by 30 percent in the first six months working in ABC Co.”

Tips for Effective Resume Formats 2017

Spend enough time in conceptualizing and outlining your resumes 2017. Do brainstorming to garner ideas of what to write in your paper. Then, you should have a roadmap or an outline for your resume to ensure of organization. Finally, don’t forget proofreading and editing your CV so that you can remove any unnecessary information and get rid of mistakes. Read more about an effective resume format for 2017 for improved chances of success today!