Nurse Resumes 2017

Whether you’re looking for professional or nursing student resumes 2017, there are some tips that you have to know if you want to come up with an effective paper that will help you to be noticed. In case you don’t know yet, the 2017 resume format should include all the needed sections that will help in capturing the attention of the hiring manager or employer. For the best results, check out the following for the important content tips for your resume.

Nurse Resumes: What It Contains

nurse resumes

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Based on 2017 resume examples, a nurse resume should contain the following,

  • Professional affiliations—including the organization name, date of your admission and office held
  • Special assignments, honors and awards
  • Specific education details, including degree earned, name of school and completion date as well as school address
  • Certifications and licenses with the licensing body or state, expiration date and license number
  • Availability for work—nightshift, day shift, working days
  • Computer related skills
  • Type of facility, if applicable (nursing home, acute care, senior care) and number of beds
  • Specific job duties and roles; highlight your best assets showing off your expertise in such assignment

Tips for Nursing Resumes 2017

According to nursing resume samples, there should be no fluff but only the most important details included in the paper. This is to help increase your chances of being noticed among your competition. As you know, there can be many applicants for a specific nursing position or job, so leave a good impression. In nurse resumes, you will also notice that applicants also list down specific job experiences related to the job and exclude all those unrelated experiences. Remember this to save space and maximize your resume’s effectiveness.

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The 2017 resume format should also be as organized for easy scanning to help the reader read what he is looking for in an instant. Therefore, divide your resume into sections and use bullet points for the best results.

There you have the tips from 2017 resume examples that you can follow for an effective application the coming year. Don’t also forget proofreading and editing your paper for the best results.