Latest Resume Format 2017

The latest resume format 2017 is one of your main weapons to ensuring you are doing a good job in your application. For one, it contains the most recent changes and trends that took place in the past years. In the process, an applicant using the most recent format for his resume can prove to do a better job as compared to those who don’t even update their CV. See the following section and get some insights on how the best resumes 2017 should look like and contain.

Formatting Tips from an Example of Resumes

The latest format of resume should contain:

  1. Heading: full name, permanent home address, phone number and professional email address
  2. Sub-headlines: career summary, work history, education, accomplishments/awards/honors, license/affiliations, related job skills

The latest CV format 2017 tips are:

latest resume format 2017

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  • The use of keywords becomes more important than ever because today’s employers also make use of social media sites like LinkedIn, and job boards to find suitable candidates
  • The use of varying styles based on someone’s industry also becomes significant—video resumes, social media resumes, infographic and other styles
  • The use of professional paper and font style remains the same—A4 paper, font size between 9 and 12, font style Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri; one- to two-page resume pages should still be kept
  • One or two columns are used for latest CV format 2017 for organization and a good presentation of your paper; on the left column are the subheadings and on the right column are the contents
  • Proofreading and editing also becomes more significant for latest format of resume due to the tight competition; most employers also look for people with good communication skills and that include writing skills. Show that you got good communication skills with an error-free paper.

There you have the best resumes 2017 tips and resume trends 2017 to remember when it comes to formatting and content as well as the recent updates to apply in your application. Don’t skip any of these details and do a good job with an effective resume. Finally, learn more tips and tricks for the most impressive CV ever!