Functional Resume Format 2017

Applying for a job in 2017, you might have been looking for good resume formats to bring in good results and leave an impression to the employer or hiring manager reading your resume. One of the most used by job seekers when it comes to resume formats 2017 is the functional resume format. What is it? Is it for you? Check out the following section for information about this style.

What Do Functional Resume Templates Contain?

A functional resume format contains your skills and experiences, the main focus of this type, and not on your work history, which is common for those with enough and solid experience in the industry they’re applying. The functional resume, on the other hand, is used by job seekers who want to emphasize their job skills and those who are shifting from an industry. It is also used by those who haven gaps in their work history.

Tips for Functional Resume Format Examples

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  • Target the scope of your latest resume to the specific job and company you are applying to so that you can highlight your keen interest to becoming a part of their organization and to show that you’re a unique candidate who spent time in researching or finding out more about the company.
  • Create a headline and sub-headlines for organization and easy readability. This will help organize information as well as display your real assets easily. When it comes to functional resumes, this is one of the most important things to remember in order to increase your chances to being invited for an interview. If possible, divide your resume into two, being the left column for the subheadings and the right column for the content.
  • Proofread your resume, even if you based it on functional resume templates. It is so important to be keen to details and one way to prove that you are includes having perfect grammar in your resume. Use a spell checker and then double with your own eyes.
  • Stay professional. Use a white paper of A4 size, font of Arial and font size between 9 and 12.

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Use Functional Resume Templates

For more help, use resume templates for inspiration in creating wonderful resumes.  You can also follow above tips when writing your functional resume from scratch.