Cover Letters 2017

Cover letters 2017 have become more impressive than ever! And if you want to write it well, there are certain things to know in order to get your letter aligned with the latest trends in applications for the coming year. Check out the next section for cover letter tips 2017 that you need to know.

2017 Resume Examples: Cover Letters 2017

cover letters 2017

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  1. Consider the layout and the content of your cover letter. Use the latest CV format 2017 when appropriate.This is an important aspect of preparing your letter to ensure it is aligned with the standards of a good application letter that catches the eyes of the readers. Brainstorm and come up with an outline to ensure that you can follow a guide in writing your CV cover letters.
  2. Use only the same color and grade of paper for both your CV and your cover letter. This will help you achieve the harmony in your application and ensure you’re showing a professional presentation of yourself to the employer or the hiring manager.
  3. Attach your CV in the emailed cover letter when sending your application via email. It is a latest resume tip that you can follow for more chances to succeed. Perhaps, the employer may also want to check out your CV the same instance he wants to read your cover letter.
  4. Keep the cover letters for CV concise, clear and straightforward. You don’t need a novel in writing your paper but only a one-page paper may be sufficient. If not possible, keep it to only two pages.
  5. Avoid restating the same information you have in your resume, but rather expound those important points from the CV in the cover letter.
  6. Use an A4 paper for both the resume and the cover letter. Also, use a professional, similar font style, including Calibri, Arial and Times New Roman and the size between 9 and 12.
  7. Relate your job skills to the particular application in order to highlight your expertise in the job, just like how a professional 2017 resume format should look like.

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Formatting CV Cover Letters

As you see in example of cover letters:

  • First paragraph—job position, where did you find it, when you are available
  • Second paragraph—reasons you suit the position; reasons you want to get the job in the company
  • Third paragraph—strengths, competencies and skills
  • Last paragraph—date you are available for interview; thank the employer

Follow these tips from example of cover letters and achieve your goal of landing the job. Finally, learn more ways on how to optimize your cover letter for applications in 2017.