Chronological Resume Format 2017

There are basic types of resume and depending on the personal circumstances and you can choose chronological, combination or functional resume. Here are the different kinds of resumes 2017 you can use.

Types of Resumes

chronological resume format

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  • Chronological resume: With this type of resume, you need to write about your work history. You should start with the recent positions and list it in reverse chronological order. Hiring managers typically want this type of resume.
  • Functional resume: Functional resume focuses on experience and skills instead of work history. It is used by people who are switching careers and who have gaps in the employment history.
  • Combination resume: Combination resume is about listing your experience and skills first. It will be followed by the employment history section. In here, you need to highlight your skills that are essential to the job you are applying.
  • Resume with profile: A resume having a profile section include a summary of your skills, goals and experience that are related to the job.
  • Targeted resume: A resume that is targeted is customized highlighting your skills and experience that are important to the job you are applying. Writing this takes more time because you need to ensure that it will be the best.
  • Mini resume: This type of resume contains a summary of your qualifications. It is used for networking purposes.
  • Nontraditional resume: This is a web-based version of the resume writing 2017, which include graphics, images, photos, graphs and some other visuals.

Note: The most common type of resume that is being used by applicants is the chronological. It is about writing your work history, but if you think you do not have much experience, it is better to use functional type of resume.

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These are some of the types of resume that you can choose from. The truth is that you should not just choose, but you need to make sure that the type of resume you will choose is good for you. Take time to analyze what format is good for you.

In writing, you should know chronological resume templates to have a guide. The template will be your basis in writing.