9 Tips on Writing Professional Resume 2017

Writing a magnificent resume is essential, especially if you are writing a professional resume. The paper is a marketing tool, which means you need to sell yourself to the employer to get the job you want.

Tips in Writing Professional Resume

professional resume 2017

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  • Follow instructions: When it comes to professional resume 2017, you need to follow the instructions in writing the resume.
  • LinkedIn profile: Creating LinkedIn profile will help you to be engaged with numerous opportunities. Take note that employers are using LinkedIn so you also must have an account on it.
  • Achievements: No one cares how you can manage process, but what essential is that you should talk about your achievements. Highlight your accomplishment by using some facts and numbers.
  • Creative resume: In a professional resume formats, you need to know what is good to use. You also need to choose a creative resume template so that you will stand out.
  • Empty spaces: Avoid writing too many details because it will be boring and not appealing.

1 page or more: If you are professional, a one-page resume will not be enough. Do not limit yourself.

  • Resume format: You need to use the best format in writing the resume so that you can able to hide some of your gaps and to highlight your strengths.
  • Targeted resume: Tailor your resume if you want to get the job. Customizing the resume is the best thing that you will do.
  • Typos and grammar mistakes: Do not submit your resume without proofreading. A single mistake can ruin your application that is why as much as possible; invest time in reading your resume for numerous times until you know that it does not have any errors.

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