7 Secrets of Winning Entry Level Resumes 2017

Writing a resume can be fun when you know what you will do. A resume has numerous purposes and when you need to write entry level resumes 2017 but you do not know how to get started, this page will guide you in writing.

Tips in Writing Winning Entry Level Resumes

entry level resumes

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  1. Font and size: You need to make sure that the font you will use is readable. You can use Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Some fonts are great, but you need to make sure that it is readable. Using ten point or 12 point is suggested.
  2. Contact details: Emphasize your name by making the font bigger compared to other texts in your paper. You need to include your complete name, address, contact number and valid email address. Make sure that your email address looks professional.
  3. Objective: you can write objective if it is about your position. In writing, you need to know what you should discuss such as your achievements. Avoid writing generic objective because it will not be appreciated by the employer.
  4. Summary: Including summary that is 2 to 3 sentences is good. You need to write about your work experience and projects. The summary must be concise and brief. Make sure that it is straight to the point.
  5. Education: You should include the best accomplishment in your professional resume 2017 but you should not also forget to include your education. You need to include your GPA, name of the university, year graduated and honors if there are any.
  6. Experience: Include volunteering and internships experience. Adding experience will increase your chance to be accepted or to get interview because there are employers who want a person with experience.
  7. Skills: Write your ability like using specific software and others. If there are other skills that you want to include, then include it but be sure it is related to what you are applying.

Before you start writing, you should at least know entry level resume template so that you have a guide. Do your best in writing for the hiring manager to be satisfied.